The people behind the project

Andrea Wilkinson
Lecturer, Designer and Researcher

Originally from the American Midwest, Andrea Wilkinson hails from a small town in Southwest Missouri. A graduate of Missouri Southern State University, she double-majored in Art and English. After several years spent in industry, she attended the postgraduate Transmedia programme at Sint-Lukas Brussel, Belgium. Originally trained in print-based graphic design and layout, as a designer, artist, educator and writer she works across discipline and media, using design as a verb (the act of designing) instead of merely as a noun (the end result). Since 2003 her research has lived under a banner she terms ‘The Response(Ability) of a Designer’, which explores the use of design research and methodology to enable designers to respond to problems/issues/opportunities regardless of domain.

In 2004 she, along with her partner, moved to Hamilton, New Zealand where, for nearly 6 years, she worked as Senior Lecturer in Design and Graphic Design Coordinator for the School of Media Arts at the Waikato Institute of Technology. While there, she co-developed an internationally touring design exhibition and book with former colleague and fellow design lecturer, David Gardener, entitled The means by which we find our way; Observations on Design that was featured in TYPO, the Australasian design journal Open Manifesto and on the Icograda website.

Since 2010, she has been working at the MAD-faculty in Belgium, lecturing across the Graphic Design and Communications, Media and Design programmes as well as working as a researcher in the Social Spaces research group.

Frans Masereel Centre
Frans Masereel Centre, Masereeldijk 5, 2460 Kasterlee, Belgium

The Frans Masereel Centre, part of the Flemish Center for Graphic Arts, is a centre dedicated to printmaking and the graphical form. As part of it’s residency programme, the Frans Masereel Centre offers space for the development of graphic projects based on artistic production, research or based on an artistic/theoretical discourse. Eligible are professional artists, designers, theoreticians, critics and researchers who can present a consistent curriculum or a portfolio with relevance to the Frans MAsereel Centre as a graphic competence centre, or with added value for the current visual arts domain.