Some messages want to become posters while others want to become painted letters on a wall. Some want to screen printed on your favourite sleep shirt and others want to be behind glass and passed down through generations. Some messages want to be kept while others prefer to be forgotten.

Call for Submissions

Submit Your Typographic Artifact

Submissions to KeepDelete are now closed. Join the mailing list, join KeepDelete on Facebook or revisit this site over the coming months to see where you can get a copy of the book KeepDelete and how you can participate in future KeepDelete projects.

The book Keep/Delete hopes to showcase a wide range of designed typographic artifacts; physical artifacts of text messages and typographic objects you want to keep or gift away. Example forms are: murals to tattoos, from t-shirts to letter-pressed cards, from typographic installations to to cross-stitch, from handwritten notes to hand-painted lettering, from design objects to photographs, from digital layouts to craft, from small-format keepsakes to posters in multiples, from folded booklets to a framed print in amongst a photo wall; all submissions are welcome. Submissions do not have to be in English.

All submissions will need to include the following (if unsure, please refer to the example and the FAQ page):

  1. A high-resolution image of the artifact itself (jpg) or a high resolution file of the typography (pdf)
  2. A text document that gives a short description of the context in which the message was received or why this particular text was chosen, and if in a language other than English, try to provide a translation of the text message. Please also include the time/date/year of the text-message (note, this text may or may not be included in publication)
  3. Name, location, title and website of designer (because that’s nice for you!)
raster images (jpg, tif, psd) should be no more than 6×9 inches or 15×23 cm at 300dpi If you are unsure, please send it via

Submitting an artifact
The design of the artifact must be original and no submissions which show obvious copyright infringement will be accepted. Due to the review process, sending a submission does not guarantee publication. Please send all submissions via email (email hidden; JavaScript is required) or, for larger files, please use

Submissions are due June 4th.

If you have questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to be in touch via email (email hidden; JavaScript is required) and as always, you are encouraged to share this call for submissions with your wider group of colleagues and friends.