Writing about design allows us to look at the discipline in new light, making it possible to share and debate with our peers (and those of other domains) about the function and importance of design. Writing is part of design and professional practice, it documents process and offers time for reflection.

Call for Submissions

Submit Your Typographic Artifact or Submit Design Writing

*** Although this call for submissions is officially closed, if you have an idea or an abstract that you want to send through for possible publication, please send your abstract to email hidden; JavaScript is required. ***

In addition to designed objects, the book Keep/Delete will feature short essays looking at the role of (graphic) design in relation to contemporary means of communication. An international call for submissions, design writers, educators, professionals and students are invited to contribute (small) essays investigating the following subjects:

  • Design as a method for artifact production
  • The future of ‘artifact’
  • The relationship between media-based communication and typographic form
  • The role of ‘the personal’ in graphic design work

Submitting a text
The term essay is used specifically to encourage small, reflective contributions as well as longer, more academic content. The content of the essay must be original and with sources properly referenced when required. Due to the review process, submission of a text does not guarantee publication.

To help with the process of editing, those interested in submitting a text are encouraged to submit a one-paragraph abstract which details your ideas and points. Final texts will be due the 27th of June.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions for additional essay subjects, please don’t hesitate to be in touch via email hidden; JavaScript is required and as always, you are encouraged to share this call for submissions with your wider group of colleagues and friends.