I love this idea, can I submit more than one artifact?
Yes! You are more than welcome to submit as many submissions as you want, though we cannot guarantee that each will be published.

If I participate, do I get any form of reimbursement?
Unfortunately this project is half labour of love and half writing-residency. At this moment there is no additional budget to provide artist and designer who participate with any sort of financial return or gift.

My messages are in a different language, can I still participate?
Yes. Designers that want to submit a message in a language other than English are encouraged to participate. If possible, please supply a translation of the text message and provide the description in English. (if this is not possible, we will do our best to find someone who can help with the translation.)

I’m not a designer, can I still take part?
Yes. Although the focus is on professional designers, typographers and design students, this project is open to anyone who wants to turn a message into a keepsake.

What media/material can I use?
You are welcome to create a submission in any form of media, though, for the book, the documentation of the project needs to be image-based (pdf, tiff, psd, jpg).

I’m not a very good photographer, do you have some tips?
The quality of the image needs to be high resolution, and one suggestion would be to ask a friend with a good camera! If you are photographing a work that you have hung on a wall, use a tripod. If you are photographing a project behind glass, limit the use of a flash. I’ve collected some sample imagery and media together for further inspiration on the Submit Your Typographic Artifact page.

When will I hear whether or not my submission will be included?
A list of published contributors will be posted on this website. Join the mailinglist at the right to stay up to date with information about the project.

If I am not selected for the publication, will my project be on the website?
At this point in time we are focusing specifically on publication, and projects will be selected based on quality of image, content, description and execution and how a project fits in relation to the other submissions.

I’m a teacher/lecturer, can my entire class submit their project?
Absolutely, teachers are encouraged to use this as part of their course material. If submitting many projects at once, it is suggested that you use the following setup: put each student submission in his/her own folder, in each folder include the image/pdf and text file description/bio. Place these folders inside of another folder, zip that folder and send it to us via wetransfer.com, using the email address: email hidden; JavaScript is required.